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Rising Stars in Transplantation Award 2016 Recipient

Dr. James Guarrera

James V. Guarrera, MD
New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University

2016 Rising Star Guarrera
Synopsis: For the past 15 years I have been working on the development of ex-vivo liver machine preservation for transplantation. My team and I developed this technique from “bench to bedside” and completed a funded Phase 1 trial was the first human experience worldwide with ex-vivo machine perfusion used for liver preservation. We continued this novel project and in 2008 we were once again funded by HRSA for a second trial focused on extended criteria ("ECD" or marginal) liver allografts for transplantation. I am happy to have contributed what are considered the seminal works to the scientific literature. The promising results from our ECD experience has spotlighted the transformative potential of machine perfusion to improve the utilization and results of ECD/marginal liver allografts. In addition, for the first time in humans we have elucidated the molecular mechanisms by which machine perfusion protects the organ from ischemia/reperfusion injury with three publications describing our mechanistic findings. Imparting the "leap of faith" required to move liver preservation forward from the lab has been my goal for over a decade. I am proud to have been able to help bring the liver transplant community "around" to the current excitement and enthusiasm for machine perfusion as an innovation that has the potential to be a transformative advance in liver transplantation.