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ASTS Council

May 2017–June 2018

Dr. Jean C. EmondPresident
Jean C. Emond, MD (2018)
Dixon KaufmanPresident-Elect
Dixon B. Kaufman, MD, PhD (2018)
University of Wisconsin
Dr. Tim Pruett  Immediate Past President
  Timothy L. Pruett, MD (2018)
  University of Minnesota
Dr. Charles Miller  Past President
  Charles M. Miller, MD (2018)
  Cleveland Clinic
Gaber_ballot photo 2017Secretary
A. Osama Gaber, MD, FACS (2020)
Houston Methodist Hospital
Dr. Lloyd RatnerTreasurer
Lloyd E. Ratner, MD, MPH (2018)
Columbia University
Kim GiffordExecutive Director
Kimberly A. Gifford, MBA


Dr. William Chapman
William C. Chapman, MD, FACS (2018)
Washington University
Dr. Carlos Esquivel
Carlos O. Esquivel, MD, PhD (2018)
Stanford University
Dr. Dorry Segev
Dorry L. Segev, MD, PhD (2018)
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Peter Abt 
Peter L. Abt, MD (2019)
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Wendy Grant
Wendy J. Grant, MD, FACS (2019)
University of Nebraska

Dr. Randall Sung
Randall S. Sung, MD (2019)
University of Michigan

Baker_ballot photo 2017
Talia B. Baker, MD (2020)
University of Chicago
Dr. Jon Fryer
Jonathan P. Fryer, MD (2020)
Northwestern University
Dr. Alan Reed
Alan I. Reed, MD, MBA
University of Iowa

Associate Councilor

Georgeine Smith, MS, MHS, PA-C

Georgeine Smith, MS, MHS, PA-C
University of Pennsylvania