The Chimera Chronicles

Great Stories in Transplant Surgery

ASTS presents living legacies, pioneers sharing their great stories in transplant surgery.


Within the walls of the ASTS are stories that were told but never recorded, until now. ASTS currently has approximately 130 members of the Society designated with “senior” status. Most of these members have retired from clinical practice but have much to offer in documenting the story of transplantation. As the first generation of transplant surgeons retire, it is important that their contributions live on to inspire new generations of young surgeons, physicians, and scientists. Since the inaugural filming in 2008 at the American Transplant Congress in Toronto, ASTS has worked to make their stories available. 

The rich history of this exciting surgical specialty must not be lost. Efforts to continue building on firm knowledge of the past will hopefully lend perspective and create opportunity for further discoveries which ultimately can be applied to improve patient care.

ASTS Historian: Jean C. Emond, MD

ASTS Junior Historian: Joshua D. Mezrich, MD

ASTS Historian Emeritus, Thomas G. Peters, MD

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I remember when it [ASTS] started…I presume it was 1974…I had been in business for four years by then…most of us who were founding members of ASTS knew each other professionally. So it was a great camaraderie in those days. A small group, and of course, it’s grown now. I was surprised to hear that the transplant conference is 4,000… And I think by size, we’ve lost a lot of our personal relationships that we used to have. But then, this filming that we’re doing now, today and tomorrow, I think will help bring us back to where we were 30 years ago; 35 years ago.

– Robert McCabe, MD, Chimera Chronicle participant.

ASTS gratefully acknowledges the support of Roche, Genentech, the American Foundation for Donation and Transplantation, Dialysis Clinic Inc., and the ASTS Foundation for their financial support of the Chimera Chronicles.