2020 ASTS Research Grants Recipients

This year, the ASTS Foundation along with the generosity of our corporate partners and members, is awarding $875,000 in research grants to 25 transplant professionals. Thank you to all our partners and members who supported the Foundation this year by directing their funding to an ASTS Research Grant.  Please join us in congratulating our 2020 recipients!

2020 Advanced Transplant Provider Research Grant


Trisha Blake-Popham, PA-C, MMSc
Hartford Hospital
Sponsored by the University of Michican Surgery Faculty

The Impact of Cold Ischemia Time of High KDPI Graft Function: A Propensity Score Matching Analysis


Katherine Klingenberg, PA-C, MMS
University of Colorado
Sponsored by Dr. Nancy Ascher & Dr. John Roberts

Creating a Predictive Model for Determining Disposition from the Operating Room following Liver Transplant using Quality Improvement Data and Outcomes


Dianne Rudow, DNP, ANP-BC, FAAN
Mount Sinai Hospital (RMTI)
Sponsored by Veloxis Pharmaceuticals

Revision and Validation of the Live Donor Assessment Tool (LDATv2)


Heather O'Dell, MSN, ANP-BC, MMHC
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Sponsored by the University of Michican Surgery Faculty

Longitudinal Patient-Reported Outcomes after Living Kidney or Liver Donation: Health-Related Quality of Life, Pain, Activity, Anxiety, and Depression

2020 ASTS Faculty Development Grant


Alex Cuenca, MD, PhD
Boston Children's Hospital

The role of antigen presentation in B regulatory cell function

2020 ASTS-CareDx Faculty Development Grant


Narendra Battula, MD, FRCS
University of Florida

Innovative techniques for organ preservation, repair and reconditioning

2020 ASTS-Natera Faculty Development Grant


Juliet Emamaullee, MD, PhD, RCPSC
University of Southern California

CyTOF-based Analysis of Acute Rejection in Clinical Liver Transplantation

2020 ASTS-Natera Research Grant

2020 ASTS-CSL Behring Mid-Level Grant


Paulo Martins, MD, PhD, FAST, FEBS, FACS
University of Massachusetts

RNA Interference During Liver Machine Preservation to Improve Liver Graft Quality

2020 ASTS-CareDx Enhancing Organ Donation & Transplantation Grant


Joel Adler, MD, MPH
Brigham & Women's Hospital

Development of the Hospital Organ donation Performance Score (HOPS)

2020 ASTS Collaborative Scientist Grant


Joseph Baur, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

Accelerated Liver Defatting During Extracorporeal Organ Perfusion

2020 ASTS-Veloxis Fellowship in Transplantation Grant

2020 Jonathan P. Fryer Resident Scientist Scholarship

2020 ASTS-Natera Jon Fryer Resident Scientist Scholarship

2020 ASTS Presidential Student Mentor Grant


Dominic Amara
University of California, San Francisco

Establishing a Molecular Signature of Late Acute Cellular Rejection in Liver Transplant Recipients


Samantha Cawthon, BS
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Sponsored by  Dr. Alan & Amy Reed 

Implementation of Protocolized Infectious Disease Surveillance System in Recently Deceased Human Xenograft Study


Jessica T. Lovett, BS
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Sponsored by Dr. Sommer Gentry & Dr. Dorry Segev 

Investigating the impact of intra-operative verapmil administration on graft function of high-risk deceased donor kidney transplants


Chloe Kimi Nobuhara, BS
Duke University
Sponsored by Dr. Marwan & Mary Abouljoud 

Examining the Depletional Profile of the Anti-CD2 Monoclonal Antibody TCD-601 and Its Effect on Co-Stimulation Blockade Based Immunosuppression in Non-Human Primates


Jon D. Sussman, BA
Mayo Clinic- Arizona
Sponsored by Dr. Kim Olthoff and Dr. David VanHouten 

Variation in Perioperative Opioid Prescribing Patterns in Abdominal Transplantation


Hannah Burris, BS
University of Florida College of Medicine

Evaluation of statins as cancer chemoprophylactic agents in chronic liver disease


Samantha E. Halpern, BA
Duke University
Sponsored by Dr. Jayme Locke

Use of Sirtuin-1 Activators to Mitigate Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury after Liver Transplantation


Christopher J. Morris
University of Cincinnati
Sponsored by Dr. Liz Pomfret & Dr. Jim Pomposelli 

Education on organ donation should start in medical school: Development of a formalized medical student organ procurement curriculum


Jeffrey Ord, BSE
Duke University
Sponsored by Dr. Jean Emond & Jane Balanoff 

Clinical Correlates and Mechanistic Underpinnings of Costimulation Blockade Resistant Rejection (CoBRR) Mediated by CD57+PD1- CD4 T Cells

Yoo Ashley

Ashley Yoo, BS
University of Maryland
Sponsored by University of Pennsylvania Faculty- Dr. Kim Olthoff & Dr. Avi Shaked

Defining Baseline Levels of dd-cfDNA within One Year of Pancreas Transplantation to Evaluate the Potential Use of dd-cfDNA as an Indicator for Pancreas Rejection and Pancreas Biopsy Avoidance