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Wellness Resources

Wellness Resources



Peer Support Program 

Have you or a colleague experienced an adverse event or other situation? A confidential talk with a transplant surgeon trained in supporting others might help.

Fill out our anonymous peer support form and one of our trained peer supporters will reach out. 

If you could benefit from talking with a transplant surgeon trained in supporting others, or would like to refer someone you know, please enter your or their name and a brief description of the situation below. If you know their preferred contact information, please enter that as well. 

All referrals are confidential. You may choose to remain anonymous or provide your contact information.

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Your job as a surgeon is physically demanding. We've put together some exercises and stretches to help relieve pain and improve your physical wellbeing. 

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Spotlight: Surgeon Wellness

As a surgeon, prioritizing wellness is critical to preventing burnout and relieving stress! The Wellness Committee has launched this project to highlight how ASTS members focus on self-care!

Dorry Segev, MD, PhD

Professor of Surgery and Population Health, Member, National Academy of Medicine, Vice Chair for Research, Department of Surgery, Director, Center for Surgical and Transplant Applied Research, NYU Langone Health

What media are you consuming?

I am always listening to new music. There's so much amazing creativity out there.

What are you passionate about other than transplantation?

segev6Dance, music, DJing, festivals, drone photography, rock climbing, hiking and mountain climbing, snow skiing, and water skiing.

How does this activity help you achieve balance and prevent burnout?

It allows me to stay creative and reset my mind by spending time not thinking about work.

What is your advice for people considering transplantation?

Solid organ transplantation is an amazing opportunity to radically change people's lives, both donors and donor families and recipients. It's also an incredibly scientifically exciting field that significantly changes ever 5-10 years with incredible innovations. And let's not forget, the operations are super cool!

Balance might seem difficult to find, given the intimidating nature of jobs in the field, but it's actually easier to find balance in transplant surgery than other surgical specialties because it's a team sport and when you're off, you're off. That's why there is so much amazing science being done by transplant surgeons, and why transplant surgeons have such creative lives outside of our field.

How does your passion help improve your professional abilities/life?

My creative hobbies help keep me creative in my science and keep me grounded and relatable in my patient care. I really lovesegev2connecting with patients by finding music that we both like.

What do you to decompress after a busy week at work?

I dance, play music, rock climb, all of my hobbies!

Follow Dr. Segev on X @dorry_segev; and Instagram @dorrytheexplorer


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Additional Resources

Treatment Centers

Find treatment centers for mental and substance use disorders in the U.S.

Legal Support

Find a legal professional referred by ASTS members.


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