Images in Transplantation

Call for Cases

The editors of the American Journal of Transplantation (AJT), Drs. Douglas W. Hanto and Sandy Feng, invite you to submit papers for consideration for Images in Transplantation, AJT’s monthly journal-based CME activity. The editors seek high quality publication and to expand each month’s activity to cases such as  interesting radiologic findings in transplant candidates, recipients, or donors; anatomic specimens demonstrating interesting or unusual clinical findings; and/or photographs of endoscopic findings or abnormalities.

The goal of AJT Images in Transplantation is to take a case-based approach and explore images illustrating a clinical problem to educate readers on up-to-date developments in the science of images in transplantation and to meet the educational needs of physicians and surgeons in the field of transplantation.

To be considered, please submit original case-based or expert review articles with images that represent experience in the clinical setting and/or interpretation of published data on the medical and/or surgical aspects of transplantation.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following. All submissions must be clinically relevant content designed to deliver an optimal learning experience to members.

  • Infections after transplantation
  • Clinical problems (common or unusual) after transplantation
  • Technical challenges pre- or post-transplant or pre- or post-organ donation
  • Histopathological findings illustrating clinical problems
  • Photographs of physical findings
  • Interesting radiologic findings in transplant candidates, recipients, or donors
  • Anatomic specimens demonstrating interesting or unusual clinical findings
  • Intraoperative photographs
  • Photographs of endoscopic findings or abnormalities

Advantages and benefits to you if your case is published in the AJT Images in Transplantation activity:

  • Be part of the #1 ranked journal in transplantation and the #2 U.S. journal in all surgery—AJT boasts an impact factor of 6.19
  • Your paper will be open access to all ASTS & AST members—more than 5,000 members combined!
  • Authors will benefit from the expert peer-reviewers’ feedback, which results in your publication being substantially enhanced and is an excellent educational opportunity!
  • Readers will benefit from your case as it is an educational activity designed to enhance their knowledge and performance and/or improve patient outcomes in their practice settings. 
  • Learners who participate in your activity can now obtain Category I CME and self-assessment credits toward Part 2 of the American Board of Surgery (ABS) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program

Before submission,  authors should read the journal's Author Guidelines. For additional details, and to submit your article to AJT online, click on AJT Images in Transplantation.