Vanguard Committee

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Vanguard Committee is to encourage involvement in the activities and initiatives of the ASTS by its junior members. The Vanguard Committee will provide opportunities for interactions between the Society’s leadership and its newer members, thus increasing the cohesive nature of the society. The Vanguard Committee will also develop new initiatives that are of particular interest to the junior members and to the Society as a whole.

Current and Recent Vanguard Committee Activities

Committee Members

Chair: Daniela P. Ladner, MD, MPH (2019)
Co-Chair: M.B. Majella Doyle, MD, MBA (2019)
Arika L. Hoffman, MD (2019)
Nitin N. Katariya, MD (2019)
Jennifer E. Verbesey, MD (2019)
Kristopher P. Croome, MD (2020)
Jacqueline M. Garonzik Wang, MD, PhD (2021)
Abhishek Mathur, MD (2021)
Ray J. Lynch, MD (2021)

Councilor Liaison: Wendy J. Grant, MD
Staff Liaison: Ellie Proffitt, CHES