Membership and Workforce Committee

ASTS Workforce Survey

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Committee Structure and Mission

The membership and workforce committee consists of nine members. The committee is charged with the monthly review process for all new member applications. Additionally, the committee will organize outreach functions to under-represented groups such as residents and administrators. Beyond membership, the committee will focus its efforts on workforce needs, IMG experiences, and other issues impacting the membership. 

Committee Members

Chair: Sunil K. Geevarghese, MD, MSCI, FACS (2020)
Co-Chair: Fady M. Kaldas, MD (2020)

Diego M. DiSabato, MD (2020)
Marwan M. Kazimi, MD (2020)
Peter Abrams, MD (2021)
Luis Campos-de-la-Borbolla, MD (2021)
Juan Carlos Caicedo, MD (2022)
Rachel C. Forbes, MD, MBA, FACS (2022)
Richard M. Ruiz, MD (2022)

Councilor Liaison: Georgeine Smith, MS, MHS, PA-C (2020)
Staff Liaison: Ning Duan