Living Donation Committee

ASTS Living Donor Committee Statement

Many of you may have seen or otherwise become aware of the recent episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver which focused on issues of dialysis and highlighted the need for living kidney donors. The ASTS Living Donation Committee is supportive of this increased attention for living donation and embraces the opportunity to launch new initiatives to offer increased opportunities for education about and access to live donation.

In addition to other issues touched on during the segment, the show directed viewers to learn more about living donation by exploring Give/Live, a product that’s development was launched at the June 2016 White House Organ Summit. Give/Live is a collaboration between ORGANIZE, Fahrenheit212, University of Chicago Medical Center, the American Society of Transplant Surgeon, and several dedicated academic transplant centers with the objective of increasing altruistic, non-designated living donor transplants.

The vision of Give/Live, shared by the ASTS Living Donation Committee, is to begin to better understand and address an ever-growing opportunity to offer information about living donation across social media platforms. As anonymous, nondirected donors come forward and express interest, we hope that we can address this potential precious resource in a manner which is optimally ethical, efficacious and equitable.

In response to this show, we expect you may experience a high-volume of calls over the coming weeks from potential donors (both directed and non-directed). The living donor committee hopes that transplant centers will approach this increased volume as a positive challenge and opportunity rather than as a burden.

While each center may choose for themselves how best to service this interest, it is the hope of the Committee that each center will direct these donors to opportunities to participate in donor chains. This will ultimately maximize the potential of the amazing generosity of those who come forward to serve our waitlisted recipients and offer the most people the gift of life.

Mission Statement

Outline best practices to improve the safety and long-term care of the living donor, as well as develop informational materials to better inform potential donors and recipients on living donation.

Committee Members

Chair – Michael A. Zimmerman, MD (2020)
Co-Chair – Amit K. Mathur, MD, MS (2020)

Debra K. Doherty, MD (2020)
James R. Rodrigue, PhD (2020)
Vaughn E. Whittaker, MD (2020)
Robert A. Montgomery, MD, FACS, PhD (2021)
Yuri S. Genyk, MD (2021)
Latifa A. Sage Silski, MD (2021)
Christian S. Kuhr, MD (2022)
Nicole A. Turgeon, MD (2022)

Councilor Liaison: Matthew Cooper, MD (2020)
Staff Liaison: Ning Duan