Grants Review Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Grants Review Committee is to support basic, clinical, and translational research performed in transplantation. The Committee will review and award applications for ASTS grants that support research performed by ASTS members, their trainees and collaborators. The Committee is responsible for providing advice, education and resources to trainees and members who are applying for funding from the broad range of granting organizations.


Grants Committee 3-Year Strategic Plan
Grant Application & Review Criteria
ASTS Grant Mid Report Template
ASTS Grant Final Report Template
ASTS Grant Post Report Template
Chimera Chronicles Article - Summer 2011

If you have questions about the ASTS research grants or the application process, please contact the National Office at or 703-414-7870.

Committee Members

Chair: Seth J. Karp, MD (2022)
Co-Chair: Jon S. Odorico, MD (2020)
Adam D. Griesemer, MD (2020)
Keri E. Lunsford, MD, PhD (2020)
Trevor W. Reichman, MD, PhD, FACS (2020)
Ali Zarrinpar, MD, PhD (2020)
Alexander H.K. Kroemer, MD, PhD (2021)
Andrew Adams, MD, PhD (2022)
Gerald S. Lipshutz, MD (2022)
Councilor Liaison: Jon P. Fryer, MD
Staff Liaison: Maggie Kebler-Bullock