Fellowship Training Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the FTC is to ensure that the highest standards of clinical, professional, and scientific excellence are passed to future generations of transplant surgeons.  The FTC governs accreditation and oversight of surgical training programs in abdominal transplantation, and strives to provide benchmarks and guidance in order to facilitate high quality training across the United States and Canada. 

Committee Members

Chair: Andre A.S. Dick, MD, MPH (2022)
Co-Chair: Tayyab S. Diwan, MD (2020) 
Anthony C. Watkins, MD (2020)
Kendra D. Conzen, MD (2020)
R. Cutler Quillin, MD (2021)
Lea K. Matsuoka, MD (2021)
Christopher J. Sonnenday, MD, MHS (2022)
Christopher M. Jones, MD (2022)
Chandra S. Bhati, MS, FEBS, MRCS (2022)
Kelly M. Collins, MD (2022)
Markus Selzner, MD (2022)
Ashraf M. El-Hinnawi, MD, FACS (2022)
Councilor Liaison: Mike Englesbe, MD (2020) 
Staff Liaison: Chelsey Gordon Farkosh