Ethics Committee

Mission Statement

The Ethics Committee is charged with considering ethical issues related to transplantation and organ donation. In general these will be broad issues affecting the ASTS and the transplant community as a whole, but the Committee may be asked to address specific alleged ethical violations of a member of the ASTS that could result in termination of membership (see Article IV, Section 10 of the ASTS Bylaws). The Ethics Committee will not, however, be involved in adjudicating individual patient issues or disputes. The Ethics Committee will provide input to the ASTS Council regarding the issues considered. The ethical issues will be considered in terms of their impact on patients, donors, their families, society and healthcare as a whole, cost and benefit, as well as their legality and acceptance from a public policy perspective.

Current and Recent Committee Activities

  1. ASTS Statement of Professionalism
  2. ASTS Statement on Conscious DCD
  3. ASTS Confidentiality Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy is a means to promote best practices and ethical standards.
  4. The manuscript “Stimulus for Organ Donation: A Survey of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons Membership” was accepted for publication in the American Journal of Transplantation
  5. The opinion editorial on the Declaration of Istanbul was accepted for publication in the American Journal of Transplantation: Declaration of Istanbul
  6. The Committee has developed a position statement to articulate the ASTS stance on Paired and List Donation: View statement
  7. Definition of travel and subsistence expenses that would qualify for payment to donors as part of the "Organ Donation and Recovery Improvement Act"
  8. Articulation of a position regarding the "Solicitation of Organs"

Committee Members

Chair: Sander S. Florman, MD (2020)
Co-Chair:  Elizabeth A. Pomfret, MD, PhD (2020)
Deborah B. Adey, MD (2020)
Ramesh K. Batra, MBBS, MRCS (2020)
James J. Wynn, MD (2020)
Michael E. Shapiro, MD (2021)
Vivek Kohli, MD, FACS (2021)
Jason A. Rolls, MD (2021)
Eric J. Siskind, MD (2022)
Councilor Liaison: Talia B. Baker, MD

Staff Liaison: Diane L. Mossholder, MA, CAE