Curriculum Committee

The mission of the Curriculum Committee is to develop and implement the National Transplant Surgery Fellowship Curriculum. The curriculum will be designed to provide a structured educational and training framework for abdominal transplant surgery fellowship. The curriculum will provide Program Directors with a basis for planning instruction and evaluating fellows, designing program practices and assessing educational outcomes. The National Transplant Surgery Fellowship Curriculum will guide fellows in their course of study and define key areas of knowledge necessary for mastery of the field of transplant surgery.

Committee Members

Chair: Jason M. Vanatta, MD (2022)
Co-chair: Amy R. Evenson, MD (2020)
Elizabeth M. Thomas, DO (2020)
Thomas A. Pham, MD (2020)
Jeffrey T. Cooper, MD (2021)
Attasit Chokechanachaisakul, MD (2021)
David Al-Adra, MD (2022)
Oya M. Andacoglu, MD (2022)
Elliot I. Grodstein, MD (2022)
Nitin N. Katariya, MD (2022)
Clark Kensinger, MD (2022)
Seth A. Waits, MD (2022)
Councilor Liaison: Ryutaro Hirose, MD
Staff Liaison: Wendy Berrios