CME Committee

Mission Statement

The goal of the committee is to provide support to members of ASTS to allow for their educational growth and development in service to patients, the public, and the ASTS. The Committee will be composed of members reflecting a cross-section of the Society, including expertise in clinical adult and pediatric kidney; pancreas/islet; liver; heart/lung; intestinal/multivisceral; and composite tissue transplantation, as well as basic science; organ preservation and procurement; complications of immunosuppression; xenotransplantation; organ allocation and ethical issues; and living donation. The Committee will work particularly closely with the Communications Committee to ensure that the educational material is appropriately organized and displayed on the new ASTS website and with the Curriculum Committee to identify educational materials within the Academic Universe suitable for CME purposes.

Current and Recent CME Committee Activities

Committee Members

Chair: Dean Y. Kim, MD (2022)
Co-Chair: Kristian Enestvedt, MD (2020)
Edie Y. Chan, MD (2020)
Peter T. Kennealey, MD (2020)
Adena J. Osband, MD (2020)
Samer Ebaid, MD, PhD (2021)
Amit Sharma, MBBS, MPhil, MS (2021)
Bernard J. Dubray, MD (2021)
John P. Leone MD, PhD (2022)
Anand Ghanekar, MD, FRCSC, PhD (2022)
Lena Sibulesky, MD (2022)
Diego C. Reino, MD (2022)

Councilor Liaison: Debra L. Sudan, MD
Staff Liaison: Ellie Proffitt