Cellular Transplantation Committee

Mission Statement

The primary objective of the Cellular Transplantation Committee (CTC) is to promote the advancement of research and clinical applications in cellular transplantation and regenerative medicine, while serving as an advisory expert panel for the ASTS Council in cell transplant-related issues. Areas of competence are inclusive of, but not limited to pancreatic islet, bone marrow, hepatocyte, myoblast, neural and stem cell transplantation. Investigators of cell and tissue transplantation share problems and research targets on topics such as organ and tissue allocation, procurement, separation techniques, culture methods, cryopreservation and banking, pretransplant immunomodulation, tissue engineering and devices, micro-and macro-encapsulation, tolerance induction, alternative sources of cell products (e.g. xenografts, stem cell derived sources) quality control assurance, current good tissue practices (cGTP), implantation sites and techniques, experimental and clinical transplantation, and gene therapy.         

Committee Members

Chair: Jason Wertheim, MD, PhD (2020) 
Co-Chair: Jeffrey H. Fair, MD (2020)
Varvara A. Kirchner, MD (2020)
Ronald F. Parsons, MD (2020)
Sayeed K. Malek, MD (2020)
Angeles Baquerizo, MD, PhD (2020)
Todd V. Brennan, MD, MS (2020)
Malcolm MacConmara, BAO, BCh, MB (2021)
Kenneth L Brayman, MD, PhD (2022)
Chirag S. Desai, MS, DNB (2022)
Councilor Liaison: Debra Sudan, MD (2020)
Staff Liaison: Jen Taylor