Business Practice Services Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Business Practice Services Committee is to assist ASTS members in understanding the business aspect of transplantation and to help them keep up with national trends in transplant practice management. ASTS business practice services facilitate members' understanding of the business aspect of transplantation, and provide education and guidance on transplant management and regulatory issues. Initiatives of the Business Practice Services Committee include:

  1. Transplant surgeon compensation survey

  2. ASTS Leadership Development Program designed to guide transplant leaders through the complex financial and regulatory environment 

  3. ASTS Kidney and Liver Financial Bootcamps

  4. Business Practice/Advocacy Seminars in conjunction with the annual ASTS Winter Symposium

  5. Mock Medicare Survey Program

Committee Members

Chair: David C. Mulligan, MD (2021)
Co-Chair: Jason R. Wellen, MD, MBA (2020)
Eddie Island, MD (2020)
Tomoaki Kato, MD, MBA (2021)
Henry B. Randall, MD, FACS (2021)
Andrew Bonham, MD (2022)
Nahel Elias, MD (2022)
Marc L. Melcher, MD, PhD (2022)
Rajeev Sharma, MD, FACS (2022)

Associate Member Liaison: Renee E. Bennett, RN, BSN, MSN, CCTC, CCTN
Councilor Liaison: Alan I. Reed, MD, MBA
Staff Liaison: Laurie E. Kulikosky, CAE