The 11th Annual ASTS Surgical Fellows Symposium brought together second-year ASTS transplant fellows and select faculty members for an educational symposium on October 13–15, 2017 in Snowbird, Utah. The meeting kicked off on Friday with a Presidential Address delivered by Dr. Jean Emond followed by panel discussions on donor and recipient matching.

On Friday evening, select fellows and faculty advisors participated in three debates moderated by Dr. Benjamin Samstein. Following their position statements and rebuttals the audience voted on which team had the most persuasive argument. The fellows that participated created sound arguments and the Planning Committee greatly appreciates their efforts in developing an exciting evening program.

On Saturday afternoon, fellows and faculty members took the third pilot exam developed by the Exam Development Group, a Transplant Accreditation & Certification Council Committee. Fellows and faculty scores will be used to analyze the validity of the questions as ASTS works to develop a certificate program for fellows.

After the exam, fellows and faculty were able to enjoy a break at the Oktoberfest celebrations at Snowbird and then returned for evening sessions on the technical tips and surgical pitfalls of kidney, liver, and pancreas transplantation.

The symposium concluded on Sunday with a panel of faculty members reviewing how to find the right job and the various job pathways available. 

Planning Committee


Benjamin Samstein, MD


Irene Kim, MD

Richard Ruiz, MD

Thank You

Support for the Surgical Fellows Symposium was provided by several industry sponsors. ASTS is grateful to the support we receive from our corporate partners to help us achieve our educational mission:

Astellas, Platinum Level Sponsorship

Novartis, Gold Level Sponsorship

Veloxis, Silver Level Sponsorship

ASTS gratefully acknowledges Sanofi-Genzyme for providing an educational grant for the 11th Annual Surgical Fellows Symposium.

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