Medicare Mock Survey (MMS)


The ASTS Mock Medicare Survey (MMS) program provides a service to ASTS members for review of policies and procedures and compliance in advance of a Medicare audit. 

ASTS works with a team of seasoned transplant professionals including transplant surgeons, nurses, administrators and legal experts who are knowledgeable about CMS regulations.

ASTS Surveyors will typically visit your center for two days and a separate surveyor is typically assigned for each program to be surveyed.  During the onsite review, chart reviews, interviews and a debrief are conducted.  ASTS surveyors also conduct advance document review of policies and procedures and provide a confidential written report after the site visit.

Call us today to arrange a mock survey for your center.  We will facilitate the assignment of surveyors, the scheduling of your survey and the distribution of advance documents and confidential final assessments.  We ask for a typical lead time of 6-12 weeks to schedule your survey. 

Fees for the ASTS Mock Medicare Survey Program*:

One Program: $8,000, plus surveyor travel expenses
Two Programs: $12,000, plus surveyor travel expenses
Three Programs: $15,600, plus surveyor travel expenses
Four Programs: $20,080, plus surveyor travel expenses
Five Programs: $26,100, plus surveyor travel expenses
Six Programs: $33,930, plus surveyor travel expenses

 *Fees subject to change

"The Mock Medicare Survey was absolutely wonderful and tremendously helpful to me, my staff and the organization. I cannot stress enough how amazing the surveyors were. They were a huge breath of fresh air for me and helped me out greatly as the Transplant Administrator within my organization. It was EXACTLY what I needed for my program. I hope that other centers invest in this amazing opportunity that ASTS is offering."—Michelle Roberts, RN, BSN, CCRN, PHN, MBA, Scripps Green Hospital 

"The ASTS Mock Medicare Survey at our center was very helpful in ways I wouldn’t have guessed. It really helped the staff and doctors that were being interviewed have a sense of what to expect, relieved anxiety, and we were able to help them think through any poor responses. CMS came a week later, and ended up leaving two days earlier than scheduled because they said it was such an efficient process we’d arranged. The CMS audit went very well." —Glenn Halff, MD, Director, Transplant Center, University of Texas