ASTS Maintenance of Certification Trans-SAP  (ASTS MOC Transplant Self-Assessment Program)

Trans-SAP is an online program to help transplant surgeons and physicians meet the American Board of Surgery (ABS) MOC Part 2: Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment requirements. These CME activities are selected peer-reviewed journal-based articles with self-assessment multiple-choice test questions and provide Category I CME and self-assessment credits toward Part 2 of the ABS MOC Program. Each article has clear educational objectives and covers relevant clinical topics in transplant surgery and transplantation. 

Trans-SAP is an “open book” test. You are required to:
  • Read the CME components for the activity.
  • Complete the test and choose the best answer to each question. You must score 75% or higher, but you may retake the test as many times as you need to receive a passing rate.

MOC Part 2 is useful to the following groups:

  • Transplant surgeons: to prepare for the qualifying, certification, and recertification examinations in surgery and to remain current in the specialty of transplant surgery.
  • Transplant residents and fellows: as a study aid.
  • Transplant physicians and allied health care professionals focusing on the field of transplantation:  to keep abreast of the current practice of transplant surgery and transplantation.

Note: It is the responsibility of each individual to remain apprised of the current applicable MOC Program. For more information, visit

Trans-SAP is a new ASTS program and is a work in progress. We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve the program. Thank you for your patience.


You can earn Category I CME and self-assessment credits toward Part 2 of the ABS MOC Program for each article/activity.

Each module is designed to be completed within an hour.

Upon successful completion of each module, a CME certificate will be provided.

Trans-SAP Availability

The initial modules for the second cycle of Trans-SAP are now available, with more to be added in the coming months. To start, please go to the Academic Universe. To access the Trans-SAP modules please go to the "Courses/Events" tab and select "Trans-SAP Maintenance of Certification" under the "Course Type" box. You will then see a list of available Trans-SAP modules.