Regular Membership

Regular Membership is open to surgeons, physicians, and non-physician scientists around the world who are actively engaged in transplantation.

Membership questions? Please email:

Eligibility & Required Documents:

  • CV or resume
  • Two letters of recommendation from Regular ASTS members
  1. Certified by American Boards or foreign equivalent.*
  2. Completion of transplantation training in a program approved by ASTS or foreign equivalent.*
  1. Minimum of one year of training in the practice of clinical transplantation after American Board Certification or foreign equivalent.*
  2. Current involvement as a staff member of a clinical transplant team for at least six months
   Non-physician Scientists
  1. Must hold a doctoral degree (PhD, PharmaD or DVM or foreign equivalent)
  2. Minimum of three years post-doctoral activity in transplantation*

*If recommended by the Membership Committee and approved by the Council, membership may be granted for equivalent experience.

Dues & AJT Subscription

$520 per year (includes monthly subscription, both online and print, to the American Journal of Transplantation)

Read the ASTS Bylaws concerning Membership

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