Diversity Issues Committee

Mission Statement 

The mission of the ASTS Diversity Issues Committee is to ensure balanced representation among under-represented and underserved minorities specific to organ donation and transplantation.

The purpose of the committee is to:

  • Provide national leadership to address disparities in donation, access to transplantation and outcomes among under-represented  and underserved minorities
  • Promote research and clinical practice of transplantation in minorities to encourage personalized care
  • Educate and create awareness among minority groups utilizing a culturally sensitive approach
  • Unify, represent, support, and educate  minority transplant professionals
  • Encourage minority transplant professionals to participate in the ranks of ASTS 
  • Influence the policy makers in minority issues

Committee Members

Chair: Jayme E. Locke, MD, MPH (2022)
Co-Chair: Paulo N. Martins, MD, PhD (2020)
Sylvester M. Black, MD, PhD (2020)
Erin C. Maynard, MD (2021)
Terra R. Pearson, MD (2021)
Dinee C. Simpson, MD (2021)
Malay B. Shah, MD (2021)
Tanjala S. Purnell, PhD, MPH (2021)
Oscar H Grandas, MD, MBA (2022)
Lee S. Cummings, MD (2022)
Navpreet Kaur, MD (2022)
Pablo Serrano Rodriguez, MD (2022)
Councilor Liaison: Julie Kathleen Heimbach, MD (2020)
Staff Liaison: Jen Taylor