Communications Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Communications Committee is to act as an avenue by which the Society conveys information to the membership and transplant community on issues regarding transplantation science and medicine. The Communications Committee is committed to optimizing and maximizing the appropriate use of information technology and news and information to support the goals, objectives and initiatives of the Society and its Committees through the ASTS website, the ASTS newsletter (the Chimera), scientific journals, mailings and e-mail communications.

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Committee Members

Chair: Satish N. Nadig, MD, PhD (2021)
Co-Chair: Amy E. Gallo, MD (2020)
Ryan A. Helmick, MD (2020)
Lori M. Kautzman, MD (2020)
Linda L. Ohler, CCTC, FAAN, MSN (2020)
Michael D. Rizzari, MD (2021)
Vinayak S. Rohan, MD (2021)
Jennifer M. Sharp, MS (2021)
Mario Spaggiari, MD (2021)
John W. McGillicuddy, MD (2022)
Juan R. Sanabria, MD, FACS, FRCS, MSc (2022)
Councilor Liaison: Talia B. Baker, MD
Staff Liaison: Diane L. Mossholder, MA, CAE