Committee Appointment Process Frequently Asked Questions

Committee nominations for 2021 is now open until Friday, March 4, 2021. If you are interested in serving on a committee in 2021, please submit your nomination here.

Q: When does the committee nominations process take place?

A: The committee nominations period varies from year to year, depending on when ATC takes place. Nominations usually open several months prior to ATC. All ASTS members will receive notification via email when nominations open.

Q: How does the nominations process work?

A: Once nominations are open, members can nominate either themselves or one of their peers for a committee position. Nominations are made through Survey Monkey. Nominations stay open for several weeks, then close to allow time for appointments to be made prior to ATC. All nominees are notified either way via email a few weeks later, and new committee members begin their appointments during the annual Town Hall Meeting at ATC.

Q: How are committee appointments made?

A: Committee appointments are made at the discretion of the current ASTS president. The president considers all nominations before making appointments. The top 6 committee choices are indicated on the nomination form, and a great deal of effort is made to place nominees in their first choice; however, this is not always possible, and the president tries to place each person in a committee where their strengths can be put to the best possible use.

Q: How are committee chair and co-chair appointments made?

A: Committee co-chairs are usually selected from current members of the committee. If a person currently on a committee would like to be considered for the co-chair position, there is space to indicate this in the nomination form. Committee co-chairs usually move into the chair position once their term as co-chair has ended.

Q: How long do committee appointments last?

A: Committee chairs and members serve a 3-year term. Committee co-chairs serve a one year term, and can be re-appointed to the position yearly for up to 3 years.

Q: Can I make multiple nominations for the same person, and does it matter who nominates you?

A: It is not necessary for multiple people to nominate the same person for a committee appointment. Only one nomination is necessary for the president to consider someone for a position, and typically the qualifications of the nominee and the needs of the committee are the most important factors.

Q: If I have further questions, where can I go?

A: If you have further questions, please contact the Ning Duan at or 703-414-7870.