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Living Donor Liver Transplant Masterclass

Living Donor Liver Transplant Masterclass

April 25 - 28, 2024

Center for Surgical Innovation - Aurora, CO


Mark your calendars for this brand-new, exclusive course limited to only 20 experienced transplant surgeons who want to start a living liver donor transplant program at their center. 

During this course, you'll receive...

  • A personalized one-on-one experience with the faculty;
  • Opportunities to hone your skills in both living donor and recipient surgery; and
  • Site visits to your center from faculty members who will offer key insights into starting your living liver donor transplant program.
Cost: $12,500 and includes: up to 4 nights lodging at the Benson Hotel, all meals from dinner April 25 - to breakfast April 28, surgical lab day with hands-on donor and recipient surgery.


Lab & Didactic Sessions

  Center for Surgical Innovation
  2115 N. Scranton Street
  Suite 1035
  Aurora, CO 80045

  Center for Surgical Innovation Lab Rules. Please take
  a moment to review our general lab rules 

  1.  If the building is locked, please call 303-724-8988 and CSI staff will let you in.
  2. The CSI conference room is to the left inside the NW entrance. The CSI lab entrance is the first door on the right. If this door is locked, please ring the doorbell, listen for the click which means the door is unlocked and open.  
  3. We do have locker rooms in our suite, but no restrooms. They are located outside our suite, down the hall and to the right. Our locker rooms do have scrubs if you need them.  You may wear your own scrubs if preferred.
  4. We have all the PPE you will need in the lab. Please remove all PPE if you need to leave our suite, and don new PPE when returning. Don’t worry, we have plenty!
  5. No food or drink in the lab. 
  6.  Please be respectful of our donors and refrain from taking photos.  Yes, I can’t believe I even have to mention it, but it you would be surprised what pops up on social media.  If you want to take “official photos” for your company’s use, please ask for a photography waiver.  If you would like a photo taken of yourself, or your group, CSI staff will be happy to help you out.
  7. If you need anything while in the lab, please ask a CSI staff member. We will be happy to assist.  No looking in cabinets or going into the storage space yourself.
  8. The building has a lactation room beyond the restrooms, by the elevator. CSI has a refrigerator if needed.


Thursday, April 25, 2024

2:00 PMWelcome & Program Overview
 Speaker: Elizabeth Pomfret, MD, PhD, FACS
2:15 PMKnow Your Environment & Align Stakeholders 
 Speaker: Giuliano Testa, MD, MBA, FACS
2:35 PMCreating the Business Plan
 Speaker: John Gutowski, FACHE, MHA, MBA
2:50 PMDiscussion/Q&A
3:00 PMBuilding Your Clinical Team
 Speaker: Talia Baker, MD
3:15 PMEngaging Hepatologists and Referring Physicians
 Speaker: Tarunjeet Klair, MD
3:30 PMDiscussion/Q&A
3:40 PMBreak
3:50 PMDonor Screening & Evaluation
 Speaker: Whitney Jackson
4:10 PMAdvanced Tools for Donor Screening
 Speaker: Claus Niemann, MD
4:20 PMThe Roles of the ILDA and Social Workers
 Speaker: Joe Reilly
4:30 PMDiscussion/Q&A
4:40 PMDonor Imaging
 Speaker: Gregory De Prisco, MD
4:55 PM3D Imaging - A Surgeon's Perspective
 Speaker: Elizabeth Pomfret, MD, PhD, FACS
5:10 PMDiscussion/Q&A
5:25 PMClosing Remarks & Program Logistics
 Speaker: Mark Hobeika, MD
5:30 PMBreak 
6:30 PMWelcome Dinner

Friday, April 26, 2024

8:30 AMWelcome & Day 2 Overview
 Speaker: Giuliano Testa, MD, MBA, FACS
8:35 AMDonor Operation
 Speaker: Koji Hashimoto, MD, PhD
8:55 AMBacktable Reconstruction
 Speaker: John Roberts, MD
9:15 AMRecipient Evaluation
 Speaker: Kim Olthoff, MD
9:35 AMRecipient Surgery Basics
 Speaker: Mark Cattral, MD, MSc
9:55 AMRecipient Surgery Pitfalls
 Speaker: James Pomposelli, MD, PhD, FACS
10:15 AMBreak
10:25 AMDonor & Recipient Surgery Video with Q&A
 Speaker: Navpreet Kaur, MD, Trevor Nydam, MD
12:00 PMLunch - Panel Discussion on Biliary Management
 Moderator: John Roberts, MD
1:00 PMDonor/Recipient Pairing Panel
 Moderator: Avi Shaked, MD, PhD
2:00 PMManaging the Immediate Post-op Recipient
 Speaker: Abhinav Humar, MD
2:20 PMWhen to Relist & Retransplant
 Speaker: Jean Emond, MD
2:40 PMManaging the Immediate Post-op Donor
 Speaker: Mohamed Akoad, MD, FACS
3:00 PMLate Complications of Donors & Recipients
 Speaker: Julie Heimbach, MD
3:20 PMBreak
3:30 PMPreparing for the Inevitable
 Speaker: Charles Miller, MD
3:50 PMDiscussion/Q&A
4:05 PMNon Directed Donors, Double Donors, and Swaps
 Speaker: Yuri Genyk, MD
4:20 PMEstablishing the Right Culture 
 Speaker: Nancy Ascher, MD, PhD
4:40 PMPreparing for Your First Case
 Speaker: Michael Wachs, MD
4:55 PMWrap up & Prep for Saturday
6:30 PMDinner

Saturday, April 27, 2024

6:30 AMArrive at CSI
7:00 AMLab time - Donor
12:00 PMLunch
1:00 PMLab time - Recipient
6:30 PMDinner

Sunday, April 28, 2024

7:30 AMBreakfast
8:30 AMLab Debrief
8:45 AMCommon Programmatic Pitfalls
 Speaker: Anand Ghanekar, MD, FRCSC, PhD
9:00 AMWhat's Next: The Future of LDLT in the US
 Speaker: Elizabeth Pomfret, MD, PhD, FACS
9:20 AMHard Lessons & Things No One Ever Told Me
 Moderator: Kim Olthoff, MD
10:05 AMProgram Planning with Mentors
10:50 AMWrap Up/Next Steps/Adjourn


The Benson Hotel
13025 East Montview Boulevard
Aurora CO, 80045