The Chimera is the official ASTS news magazine and was originally developed in 1989 to provide the membership with relevant news concerning the Society and the field of transplantation. The name, Chimera, comes from Greek mythology. It is described as having the body of a lion, a goat's head and a serpent's tail that ends in a viper's head. The Chimera was believed to be unconquerable, strong, great and swift of foot. The word Chimera is often used metaphorically to describe things that have combined attributes from different sources as in transplant patients with donor organs.
spring 2016 chimera

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Chimera Chronicles

Great Stories in Transplant Surgery

In 1974, scientific scholarship, commitment to education and concern for the welfare of transplant patients bonded a growing group of surgeons. ASTS remembers their efforts and share their trials and triumphs. Join ASTS as we celebrate living legacies, pioneers sharing their great stories in transplant surgery. This historical journey began with many of the Society's first leaders such as Drs. Thomas Starzl, G. Melville Williams, Frederick Merkel, Oscar Salvatierra, Thomas Fitts and more. The Chronicles project consists of member accounts of transplantation as they remember it, their profiles, the full transcript of their interviews, a photo library of recent ASTS meetings, details of the ASTS history, and information about the Foundation of the ASTS. As the years go by, ASTS will continue to work to compile members’ stories and make them available via video streaming and various other media outlets.

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