ASTS Welcomes New Councilors and Committee Chairs at 2020 Town Hall Meeting

Aug 21, 2020
The President-Elect and Councilor election results were announced at the first virtual ASTS Town Hall on May 30, 2020.
A. Osama Gaber, MD, is the new president-elect, and the new councilors are Kenneth Andreoni, MD; Devin Eckhoff, MD; Irene Kim, MD; and Ashley Seawright, DNP, ACNP-BC. Ginny Bumgardner, MD, PhD, is the new Secretary.

ASTS President Lloyd E. Ratner, MD, MPH, thanked the outgoing committee chairs and councilors.

Outgoing Committee Chairs:

  • Susan Orloff (ATC Planning)
  • Haley Hoy (ATP)
  • Jason Wertheim (Cellular Transplantation) 
  • Sander Florman (Ethics)
  • James Pomposelli (Legislative & Regulatory)
  • Michael Zimmerman (Living Donation)
  • Sunil Geevarghese (Membership & Workforce)
  • Ty Dunn (Scientific Studies)
  • David Axelrod (Standards and Quality)
  • David Mason (Thoracic)

Outgoing Councilors:

  • Talia Baker
  • Jon Fryer
  • Alan Reed
  • Georgeine Smith

Dr. Ratner gave tributes to Dr. Roland Anthone, Dr. Howard Radwin, Dr. Charles Shield, and Dr. Jeremiah Turcotte.

Dr. Liise Kayler proposed several bylaws changes, all of which were approved, including: Eliminate Council approval of membership applications; Eliminate one-year training and six-month active involvement requirement for transplant physician members; Eliminate 3-year post-doctoral activity requirement for non-physician scientist members; Eliminate Council approval of transition to senior membership and reduction of senior dues (done by Membership and Workforce Committee); Allow Associate members to sponsor associate member applicants; Move transplant fellow memberships into the Trainee category; Allow trainees to serve as liaisons on committees; Eliminate letter of support requirement for trainee members; Reduce letters of support required for regular membership application from 2 to 1; Eliminate Council approval for regular and associate membership applications; and Expansion of the Membership & Workforce Committee to 12 members.

The meeting ended with the official passing of the gavel from Dr. Ratner to Dr. Marwan Abouljoud, the new president of ASTS.