KPD Webinar: Community Perspectives and Best Practices

Feb 08 6:00 PM - Feb 08, 7:00 PM 2016
Feb 08, 2016 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Please join the ASTS Scientific Studies Committee along with a panel of speakers who will discuss their experiences with KPD. This webinar will start by providing members with findings from the ASTS KPD survey conducted in 2013 and move on to an interactive solution-based discussion by faculty participants for strategies to overcome obstacles to starting, maintaining, and expanding their center’s KPD program. Webinar faculty will include those from low and high volume KPD centers who will discuss their unique perspectives, challenges, and current practices regarding KPD. 

Pre-registration is required and participants are strongly encouraged to submit their burning questions during the registration process to identify subtopics of interest, which will guide the webinar content. We look forward to an exciting hour of discussion on practices used to leverage KPD for increased access to living donor kidney transplantation. Click here to register! We encourage you to register by Tuesday, February 2 if possible.