ASTS Transplant Surgeon Compensation Survey

The 2017 Survey Results are available now! 

ASTS is pleased to provide this unique service to the transplant community. The 2017 survey results are available for purchase to members, non-members and institutions in the ASTS online store. Members who submitted their data for the survey were provided with a complimentary pdf copy of the report. If you participated in the survey, but did not receive the results, please contact Laurie Kulikosky at

In 2008, ASTS launched the first ever comprehensive compensation study for transplant surgeons practicing within the United States. Subsequent surveys were released in 2010, 2013, and now 2017. An overwhelming number of members continue to participate in the survey and the results provide a better understanding of transplant surgeon compensation.

Data have been aggregated by region, practice type, personal and center volume and primary practice in order to provide the most comprehensive data. Institutions can use the data to benchmark compensation. 

The ASTS Transplant Compensation Survey Report is copyrighted by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, therefore distribution is prohibited.

A new survey is typically fielded every 3-4 years.