Getting Started with RAPID

Welcome to RAPID! The end user workflow for RAPID is intended to be as simple as possible. Since RAPID is open source, it offers unlimited customizability for centers interested in developing it further.

RAPID is a web app. All of the server software runs on the server and all you need to access RAPID is a modern web browser. Any recent vintage of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari can be used. Firefox has been the most tested browser during the initial development period. Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions had display issues, and Chrome and Safari (Webkit based browsers) had occasional trouble with blank web pages.

In brief, UNOS data and SRTR Program Specific Reports (PSR) are manually loaded into RAPID. After the data is loaded, dashboard reports are available to be run. These dashboard reports are run on demand and update as often as the underlying data is updated, which is typically once a month for UNOS data and once every six months for SRTR PSR. You will need to upload new UNOS data and SRTR PSR when they become available.

Does RAPID share my data; is my center’s data private?

Can I change the dbuser password?

Loading UNOS data

Obtaining the UNOS custom monthly report

Please use this link to request your data:

Here is the verbiage to use:

“Center STAR file sent monthly for use of ILNM Bing Ho’s RAPID software (same format he receives). Please assign Claudine Lougee”

Loading the UNOS report

After you log into RAPID, select Load Data. Select Load UNOS Data and Calculate SRTR Scores. Click Browse to select the file. Load each file one at a time. The loading process can be very slow! When it is completed, you will see a note.

Loading SRTR Data

Obtaining the SRTR Program Specific Report (PSR)

Log into SRTR Secure Site at and go to Center Home & Reports. Download SRTR Report, Expected Survival Tables - Living Donor and SRTR Report, Expected Survival Tables - Deceased Donor. These files are in Excel (.xls) format. You will need to use the drop down box near the top to select Kidney and Liver to get their respective links. Thoracic transplants are not presently supported in RAPID.

These Excel spreadsheets are workbooks with multiple tabs. The first one should be informational, followed by Data, Beta, and Baseline Curves for 1-month, 12-month, and 36-month, should be about twenty worksheets or so.

We have received reports that the SRTR PSR may not load properly if the Excel spreadsheets are not unprotected. To ensure that the data load completely, you will need to open the Excel spreadsheet and unprotect all sheets in the workbook. For example, in Excel 2013, to unprotect the workbook after opening it, you would go to File and click on Unprotect for each sheet and then save the workbook.

Loading the SRTR PSR

After you log into RAPID, select Load Data. Select Load SRTR Data. Click Browse to select the respective files and load them. The filenames should not matter as long as you load Liver with Liver and Kidney with Kidney. Load each file one at a time.