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Committee Appointment Process 

Frequently Asked Questions

Nominations are open through 5:00PM ET, Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

Who can submit a self-nomination for a committee position?

Regular members are eligible to submit a self-nomination. Associate members are eligible to submit self-nominations for the Advanced Transplant Provider Committee.

Can Associate members and Trainee members join a committee?

While Associate and Trainee members are not eligible to serve on a committee as a voting member (except for the Advanced Transplant Provider Committee), they are eligible to serve on committees in a liaison role.

The Associate or Trainee liaison facilitates communication, promote engagement, offer feedback, and collaborate with the voting members of a committee. 

Learn more and apply for liaison position!

How can I submit my nomination?

We only accept nominations through our formal submission portal.

How are appointments made?

Appointments are made by the ASTS President and approved by the Nominating Committee.

How are committee leadership appointments made?

Leadership appointments (Vice Chair-Elect) are made by the ASTS President. Candidates must submit a nomination through the formal submissions portal. The Vice Chair-Elect will roll up to Vice Chair the following year, and then will roll up to Chair the next year.

What is the term length?

Term length for committee members are 3 years.

Vice Chair-Elect, Vice Chair, and Chair are all one year terms.

How do letters of support work?

We do not accept colleague nominations, however, if you would like to send a letter of support for someone who has already submitted a self-nomination, please email it to

Letters of support are NOT required as part of a self-nomination.