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ASTS Welcomes New Councilors and Committee Chairs at 2018 Town Hall Meeting

Jun 04, 2018

The President-Elect and Councilor election results were announced at the ASTS Annual Business Meeting on June 3, 2018. Lloyd E. Ratner, MD, MPH, is the new President-Elect; William C. Chapman, MD, is the new Treasurer; and the new Councilors are Michael J. Englesbe, MD, Julie K. Heimbach, MD, and Debra L. Sudan, MD.

The new committee chairs are:

    • Devin Eckhoff (ATC Planning)
    • Liise Kayler (Bylaws)
    • David Mulligan (Business Practice Services)
    • Satish Nadig (Communications)
    • Andreas Tzakis (Vascularized Component Allograft)

Dr. Emond thanked those whose terms of service were ending:

Officer: Charles M. Miller, MD


  • William C. Chapman, MD
  • Carlos O. Esquivel, MD, PhD
  • Dorry L. Segev, MD, PhD

Committee Chairs:

  • Kenneth Andreoni (Business Practice Services)
  • Matthew Cooper (ATC Planning)
  • Julie Heimbach (Communications)
  • Suzanne Ildstad (Vascularized Component Allograft)
  • Ronald Pelletier (Bylaws)

Attendees viewed video reports from commitee and task force chairs. The meeting ended with the official passing of the gavel from Dr. Emond to Dixon B. Kaufman, MD, PhD, the new president of ASTS.

Emond_In memoriam Ratner_audit audience 2 audience 1