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ASTS–John S. Najarian Lectureship

Thank you to our JSN Lectureship Distinguished Founders who have contributed or committed to $10,000 or more!

Nancy Ascher & John Roberts
Richard Perez
Peter Stock

Thank you to our  Founders who have contributed or committed to $5,000:

Ken Brayman
Ginny Bumgardner
Ty Dunn 
Dixon Kaufman 
Arthur Matas
Dick Migliori
Tim Pruett
Richard Simmons
Bryan Whitson

Thank you to our additional contributors:

Douglas Hanto
Dick Howard
Chris Troppmann
Ali Zarrinpar

najarian 8x10 at 300 The ASTS Foundation is seeking to raise $120,000 to establish the annual John S. Najarian Lectureship. This  lecture would be held each year during the State of the Art Winter Symposium and the invited speaker would be a highly regarded individual who has made an important impact in either transplantation surgery or other aspects of the field.

Many of our careers have been directly impacted and shaped by Dr. Najarian and the University of Minnesota training tradition.  We are asking for your participation to honor Dr. Najarian’s legacy and help us establish the JSN Lectureship. 


Our goal is raise $120,000 in funds in order to have an endowed amount to support this lectureship on an annual basis. There are many ways to give and we hope you will make your contribution today!

The impact that Dr. Najarian had on our careers is immeasurable and we look forward to receiving your contribution to honor his legacy and the University of Minnesota tradition through the establishment of this Lectureship. 


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