2019 Foundation Reception Highlights

Sunday, June 1, at the Alibi Bar & Lounge in Boston, MA: the sky was gray but the air was light and happy as ASTS members, friends, colleagues, and past and future leaders of the Society filled the former Charles Street Jail for an evening of generosity, laughter and celebration. This marked the 3rd Annual Foundation Contributor Reception, and it’s true when they say 3rd time’s a charm! The Alibi hosted our largest reception thus far, welcoming nearly 120 contributors who came to honor their dedication to the advancement of transplant surgery.

The room was buzzing, and everyone was in great spirits as they chatted with friends and colleagues underneath famous mug shots of celebrities and “behind bars”!  Foundation Chair Dr. John Roberts made remarks about the future of the Foundation before recognizing the newest additions to our lifetime giving levels. We welcomed 8 new individuals to the President’s Club, as well Dr. Jean Emond, Jane Balanoff, and Dr. Peter Stock to our Starzl Club. Several of our members made gifts that evening, and we raised nearly $20,000!  Thank you to everyone who has and will ever make a contribution!

*The annual Foundation reception is held each year during the American Transplant Congress. Invitations will be sent to individuals who have reached a lifetime giving level and/or anyone who has contributed in the calendar year of the ATC. Save the date for 2020: Sunday, May 30, in Philadelphia.

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