This page is intended to provide ASTS Fellowship Training Directors with various resources relevant to maintaining training programs.  If there is something you do not see available but would like to, please contact Chelsey Gordon directly at

Fellow Assessment Tools:  Operative Milestones

The Operative Milestones form is now available online. The form should be submitted bi-annually, at 6 month intervals by the Fellowship Training Program Director. If having more than 1 faculty member assessing fellow(s) please average the assessment and submit only 1 form. To access the form, click on the Milestones Form below. 

Milestones Form button
To download a copy of the form for your records, please click here.. DO NOT submit a paper copy of this form, only online submissions will be accepted. 


Knowledge of Fellows Post Training

As part of the Fellowship Program Accreditation Requirements, all accredited Fellowship Training Programs are required to submit a yearly list with information about knowledge of transplant fellows at the completion of their training. 

  • Failure to submit this list will result in a one-year probation period during which the program must provide this information.

  • Failure to submit this form during the probation period will result in the loss of program accreditation.

  • Reaccreditation would entail submission of a new accreditation application. 

To complete the form, click on the link below:

Knowledge of Fellows Post Training Form

Fellowship Managed Time Policy

In January 2017 the ASTS Fellowship Managed Time Policy was updated and approved by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons through the Transplant Accreditation and Certification Council at the January Council Meeting. The Managed Time Policy now includes a monitoring plan to ensure programs are adhering to the policy. 

Fellowship Managed Time Policy

Approving Fellows Surgical Logs

All Fellowship Training Program Directors and Fellowship Training Administrative Coordinators have access to their fellows surgical logs through the Academic Universe. All fellows surgical logs must be reviewed and either approved or denied by the program. To access your fellows log please login to the ASTS website and enter into the Academic Universe by clicking on the Education tab and then Academic Universe. 

Fellowship Training Director Job Description 

In June 2016, the ASTS Council approved the Fellowship Training Director Job Description.The Fellowship Training Director, formally referred to as Program Director, job description was developed to offer guidance to ASTS Accredited Training Programs and Fellowship Training Directors to assist in understanding the responsibilities associated with Abdominal Transplant Surgery Fellowships. 

Fellowship Training Director Job Description

Living Donor Nephrectomy

In January 2015, the Council approved the addition of Living Donor Nephrectomy (LDN) to the ASTS fellowship accreditation portfolio.  Programs will be eligible to determine if they will train or expose fellows to LDN during the 24 month fellowship, beginning in July 2016. All programs applying for accreditation and reaccreditation must meet the new LDN requirements. 

To read the approved proposal, CLICK HERE.