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ASTS Collaborative Scientist Grant*

Submissions for the 2015 ASTS Research Grants are now closed.


ASTS continues its commitment to develop collaborative research between ASTS investigators and qualified established scientists. This grant provides qualified ASTS investigators and their scientific collaborators with research funding in the field of solid organ transplantation.


$50,000 per year for two years

Funds support

  • Supports direct research and educational costs.
  • No salary support for applicants.
  • No indirects will be paid.

Applicant Eligibility

Please review these eligibility requirements carefully to ensure that you apply for an appropriate grant.

  • ASTS member with an established research effort.
  • Surgical faculty appointment at an established UNOS approved transplant center.
  • Applicant must reside in North America.
  • Awardee may not concurrently receive any other financial support from the NIH or from the ASTS, AST, ACS, SUS or other society granting support for similar research.
Collaborator Eligibility
  • Completed an advanced professional degree (i.e., MD, PhD, DVM) or foreign equivalent.
  • Demonstrate a record of collaborative efforts and hold a position amenable to proposed scientific work with the ASTS Member.
  • Faculty appointment at an academic institution that has the ability to support the collaboration.
Submission Requirements
  • A brief synopsis of your research (250 words maximum).
  • Narrative: 3 page maximum plus 1 page of graphics permitted. State the reason for applying for the grant, specific objectives for the duration of the grant, and future plans and goals.
  • Budget: 1 page maximum
  • Autobiography: 1 page maximum explaining your educational background, choice of career, and interest in transplantation and research.
  • Collaborator's Autobiography: 1 page maximum explaining your collaborator's educational background, choice of career, and interest in transplantation and research.
  • Department Chair Nomination Letter
  • Member Sponsor Letter
  • CV
  • Collaborator CV

Other requirements

  • At least one of the Awardees must attend the ASTS Award Ceremony at ATC to formally accept the grant.
  • An abstract must be submitted for presentation at an ATC or ASTS Winter Symposium during the grant period or within 6 months of grant completion.
  • A mid-report to the ASTS National Office must be submitted in the spring of the first year.
  • A final report to the ASTS National Office must be submitted in the spring of the final year of funding.
Other 1 grant is available annually.

The funding of ASTS research grants is contingent upon the availability of funds and the receipt of qualified applications.

*Applications are being accepted for both the mid-level and collaborative grants; however, based on limited funding, ASTS will only fund one grant across these two categories. If additional funding becomes available, this website will be updated accordingly.