In This Section:
In This Section:

Innovation & the Young Surgeon

Innovation & the Young Surgeon
Jean C. Emond, MD
Columbia University and the New York Presbyterian Hospital

Frailty: Failing the Eyeball Test
Michael J. Englesbe, MD
University of Michigan

New Ideas to Policy
Dorry L. Segev, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins University

eHealth & Transplantation
John W. McGillicuddy, MD
Medical University of South Carolina

How They Do It: Learning from Abroad
Kim M. Olthoff, MD
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Big Operations – Big Wins
Goran B. Klintmalm, MD, PhD
Baylor University Medical Center

The OR: Past, Present, Future

Living Donor Nephrectomy
Tayyab S. Diwan, MD
University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Living Donor Hepatectomy
Benjamin Samstein, MD
Columbia University and the New York Presbyterian Hospital

DCD Procurements
George E. Loss, Jr., MD, PhD
Ochsner Clinic Foundation

Pancreas Transplant
Ty B. Dunn, MD, MS
University of Minnesota

Kidney Transplant
Christopher E. Freise, MD
University of California, San Francisco

Liver Transplant
William C. Chapman, MD, FACS
Washington University in St. Louis

Multi-Visceral Transplant
A. Joseph Tector, MD, PhD
Indiana University School of Medicine

Christopher J. Sonnenday, MD, MHS
University of Michigan   

Biologic Innovations in Transplantation

Hepatitis C at the Crossroads
Robert S. Brown, MD, PhD
New York Presbyterian Hospital

Changing Face of Immunosuppression
Kenneth A. Newell, MD, PhD
Emory University

Antibody – Make It Go Away
Jayme E. Locke, MD, MPH
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Tissue Engineering: Prêt-à-Porter
Jason A. Wertheim, MD, PhD
Northwestern University

Personalized Transplant: Made to Measure
Michael M. Abecassis, MD, MBA
Northwestern University