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OPTN Releases 2020 Data on Deceased Organ Donation

Jan 12, 2021
This month the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network announced the 2020 numbers on organ donation from deceased donors in the United States, which set an all-time record for the tenth year in a row.

According to preliminary data, 12,587 people provided one or more organs in 2020, representing an increase of six percent over 2019. A total of 33,309 organ transplants from deceased donors took place, which was also a record.

David Mulligan, MD, President of the OPTN Board of Directors, said of the new data: "Over the past year, the organ donation and transplantation system has been impacted in unprecedented and unimaginable ways. To again set a record for deceased donor transplants shows the amazing resilience of our organ procurement organizations and transplant hospitals. We continue to work together to improve a system that is committed every day to ensure transplants for all those in need. Most importantly, we are all indebted to our donors and donor families for their dedication to save lives."

Read the full OPTN statement here.