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2021-2022 AJT Editorial Fellowship Invitation for Applications

Dec 11, 2020
Applications are invited December 1-31, 2020, for the AJT Editorial Fellowship, a program which offers a year-long editorial experience in the publication and peer review process to fellows and junior faculty in transplant-related fields.

Fellows will work directly with senior AJT editors and staff to gain experience in the day-to-day steps of peer review and publication through a curriculum and rotation-based training. Each fellow will spend time developing peer review skills and knowledge by assessing and describing manuscripts’ significance, novelty, validity, and relevance for the AJT readership while enhancing her/his verbal and writing skills through a series of experiences.

Fellowship Aims:

  • Provide mentored experience across all AJT functions
  • Teach fellows to become high-quality peer reviewers
  • Master the intersection between an academic journal and continuing medical education
  • Enhance the online and visual presence of AJT
  • Educate the transplant community on peer review and publication
  • Critically analyze AJT processes leading to innovation & improvement
  • Serve as AJT ambassadors

Application Materials:

  • Letter of interest with discussion about prior publishing, writing and/or illustration experience.
  • CV
  • AST or ASTS membership
  • Letter of recommendation from Program Director or Department Head/Division Chief

Visit the AJT website for more information and read testimonials from previous fellows.