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ASTS–Veloxis Rising Stars in Transplantation Award 2017 Recipients

ASTS gratefully acknowledges Veloxis Pharmaceuticals for their sponsorship of the 2017 Rising Stars in Transplantation Awards.
Dr. Satish Nadig

Satish N. Nadig, MD, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina

Satish Nadig - Rising Star in Transplantation Award
Synopsis: As co-director of the Lee Patterson Allen Transplant Immunobiology Laboratory (TIBL), our interests have centered around utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to all facets of multi-organ transplantation from donor organ management to tolerance induction via methods such as immunoregulation, complement inhibition, and manipulation of cellular immunometabolism. Specifically, we have also focused on merging techniques of bioengineering with immunology as applied to transplantation in the utilization of triggered- release nanoparticle therapy as a vehicle for immunotherapeutics and targeted drug delivery. In addition, our laboratory focuses on cellular and biologic therapies including regulatory T cells alone or in combination with various complement inhibition strategies. We are also interested in altering the immunometabolism of antigen presenting cells in the donor organ prior to implantation in order to reduce antigen presentation upon reperfusion. Central to our investigations are the use of various pre-clinical animal models to test the uptake, efficacy, and tolerance induction properties of our novel therapies.


Dr. Giuseppe Orlando
Giuseppe Orlando, MD, PhD
Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Giuseppe Orlando - Rising Star in Transplantation Award

Synopsis: Dr. Orlando is a kidney and pancreas transplant surgeon scientist at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. His research aims at developing platforms for the bioengineering and regeneration of transplantable organs, and at developing therapies to enhance the innate ability of the human body to repair itself after damage. His literature output aims at bridging organ transplantation to regenerative medicine.