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ASTS Welcomes New Councilors and Committee Chairs at 2019 Town Hall Meeting

Aug 13, 2019
The President-Elect and Councilor election results were announced at the ASTS Annual Business Meeting on June 2, 2019. Dr. Marwan Abouljoud, MD, CPE, FACS, is the new president-elect, and the new councilors are Matthew Cooper, MD, Ryutaro Hirose, MD, and Kenneth Washburn, MD.
The new committee chairs were also welcomed. They are:

  • M.B. Majella B. Doyle (Vanguard)
  • Seth J. Karp (Grants Review)
  • Andre A.S. Dick (Fellowship Training)
  • Jayme E. Locke (Diversity Issues)
  • Jason M. Vanatta (Curriculum)
  • Dean Y. Kim (Continuing Medical Education)
  • Susan L. Orloff (ATC Planning)

ASTS President Dixon B. Kaufman, MD, PhD, thanked the outgoing committee chairs and councilors.

Outgoing Committee Chairs:

  • Devin Eckhoff (ATC Planning)
  • David Foley (Grants Review)
  • Ryutaro Hirose (Fellowship Training)
  • Daniela Ladner (Vanguard)
  • Matt Levine (Continuing Medical Education)
  • Marc Melcher (Curriculum)
  • Jorge Ortiz (Diversity Issues)

Outgoing Councilors:

  • Peter Abt, MD
  • Wendy Grant, MD
  • Randall Sung, MD

Dr. Christoph Broelsch, Dr. Oscar Salvatierra, and Dr. J. Wesley Alexander were memorialized by their peers.  

Dr. Sung presented the proposed bylaws revision to eliminate the six-month waiting period for transition from Candidate to Regular membership. The motion to approve the revision was seconded and approved by unanimous vote. 

Kim Gifford expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve as Executive Director since 2011 and introduced Daniel D. Garrett, CAE, the next Executive Director. 

Attendees viewed video reports from commitee and task force chairs. The meeting ended with the official passing of the gavel from Dr. Kaufman to Lloyd E. Ratner, MD, MPH, the new president of ASTS.


Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Ratner