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Postponed: UNOS Innovation @ #ASTSwinter

Nov 16, 2017

Update: The UNOS Innovation Event at the Winter Symposium has been postponed due to changing IT priorities. Please hang on to your ideas! We hope to reschedule for a future meeting.

Have an idea to address inefficiencies in transplantation? ASTS, in collaboration with UNOS, is holding an Innovation Event at the 18th Annual State of the Art Winter Symposium January 11-14, 2018. This is your chance to help make DonorNet more user friendly. Please participate by suggesting projects for the onsite collaboration between UNOS staff and ASTS members (items cannot require an OPTN policy change).

To suggest a project, please email by December 10, 2017.

The ASTS Communications Committee will partner with UNOS staff to create solutions and present them at a special session on Sunday, January 14, at which time attendees will vote on which changes UNOS should implement.

Since 2014, UNOS has done this type of event internally eight times. (Click here for a video of UNOS Innovation days, called SONU—UNOS spelled backwards.) The more than 50 projects completed during the UNOS Innovation Days include:

  • SONU #1 – An ad hoc reporting tool to simplify report creation for business users. (implemented 11/2014)
  • SONU #2 – A new way to communicate news and information about UNOS technology initiatives to transplant professionals (Tech News implemented 1/2015)
  • SONU #2 - A "dash board" on SharePoint for wait time transfers, mods, and reinstatements. The forms are submitted through fax currently. We would like the fax to go to an "inbox" (metadata on SharePoint) that is a list/dashboard on SharePoint. This dash board houses the status of the form, along with other functions. And has the ability to email the notification back out to the transplant center contact that the form has been complete. (implemented)
  • SONU #3 - Review Board Process improvements to liver email reminders for non-voting review board members. (implemented)
  • SONU #6 - Metrics that demonstrate the work levels of the MPSC as a whole, and provide individual performance metrics for the committee members that will help to drive performance improvement, such as improved turnaround times. Makes use of data in the Committee Management System and other resources. (implemented 2/26/2016)

Please send any questions to Diane Mossholder, ASTS Director, Member Engagement. We look forward to innovating with you!