Optimal Testing of the Live Donor to Prevent the Transmission of Infectious Diseases Consensus Conference

Cosponsored by ASTS, AST, NATCO and OPTN/UNOS
July 28, 2011, Baltimore

The purpose of the conference was to determine the optimal strategy for evaluation of live donors in order to prevent transmission of infectious diseases, focusing on HIV, HCV, and HBV. Work groups were formed with invited representatives from AST, ASTS, NATCO, AOPO, CST, OPTN/UNOS, HRSA, HHS, FDA, CDC, and CMS to address the following areas: issues related to risk stratification, optimal testing strategies, consent, and implementation of recommendations that will be applicable for paired exchange and live donor chains.

Below are PowerPoint reports from work group leaders.

Defining the Risk Groups - Dorry Segev, MD, PhD
Optimal Testing Strategies - Michael Ison, MD, MS
Development of a Uniform Consent - Emily Blumberg, MD
Strategies for Implementation - Timothy Pruett, MD
Strategies for Implementation (Canadian perspective) - Bryce Kiberd