2016  Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy Workshop Highlights

ASTS, in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati, hosted its first-ever Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy Workshop April 1-2, 2016, in Cincinnati. Over the course of two days, participants viewed a live surgery, reviewed related topics, and practiced their skills in a hands-on cadaver lab.

The workshop was limited to 18 participants, who all came from different institutions. Tayyab Diwan, MD, led as the workshop chair, with the help of Lloyd Ratner, MD, MPH, Stuart Flechner, MD, Madison Cuffy, MD, and Flavio Paterno, MD.

The course kicked off with Dr. Cuffy performing a live donor nephrectomy while he and Dr. Diwan walked the learners through patient positioning and strategies to ensure optimal patient care. The participants watched a live video stream while sitting in the last surgical amphitheater built in the United States, one of only a handful left in the world. The remainder of the day was spent learning how to incorporate techniques, manage intra-operative complications, and evaluate unique or difficult cases.

That evening, the participants went to dinner at Jeff Ruby’s Precinct Restaurant, formerly a Cincinnati Police Patrol House. The Ethicon-sponsored dinner featured a presentation by Dr. Ratner, and participants enjoyed networking with the faculty and their peers.

On the second day, learners participated in concurrent sessions: one group performed the procedure in the cadaver lab, while the other group learned about patient selection, kidney selection, and post-op complications and care. The groups then switched, so all participants were able to practice the procedure. Due to the small size of the course, each learner was able to practice on their own kidney, and the other learner at the station was able to practice assisting. Ethicon, Applied Medical, Stryker, and ConMed all provided equipment for use in the cadaver lab.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this inaugural workshop was a success!

The LDN workshop was the best workshop I have ever attended. It was well organized, it was extremely relevant, and most of all it was fun. I left the program with such an expanded knowledge base regarding the entire process of having a successful LDN practice.”- Jacfranz J. Guiteau, MD

lecture participants theater shot lab 1 lab 2