National Critical Issues Forum presented by The Alliance

Nov 01 7:30 AM - Nov 02, 12:00 PM 2018
Nov 01, 2018 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Innovation in Action

Outside-the-box strategies to increase organ utilization and transplantation

The primary goal of this dynamic and interactive event is to spur novel ideas and actions to increase organ utilization and transplantation. Using innovative methodology, we will identify high impact interventions to enhance critical phases of organ utilization, such as behavioral economics, OPO & transplant center practices, transportation logistics, and organizational culture. Building upon the last National Critical Issues Forum, “Disrupting the Status Quo,” this National Critical Issues Forum will garner a fresh approach to gathering thought leaders to discover, ideate, and prototype high impact ways of influencing the donation and transplantation system. Effective practices in parallel fields of business, transportation and healthcare will be shared by experts to create a dialogue on translating core methodologies and principles to organizations and people accountable for organ utilization. Design thinking will be utilized to keep the meeting and the flow of ideas and solutions fast-paced and actionable. The 2018 Forum will feature an interactive format and focus on problem-solving, leading to actionable objectives and an innovation change packet to help drive and build a culture of innovation in your organization and apply creative new ideas in order to increase organ utilization and transplantation in your organization across the nation.

Learning Objectives:
The 2018 Forum will maintain its interactive nature and focus on problem-solving leading to actionable objectives. The central theme of this conference will be "innovation", how to build a culture of innovation, and apply innovative ideas. 

  • To describe how to create an actionable culture of innovation.
  • To brainstorm innovative ideas in a collaborative fashion.
  • To identify actionable projects to pursue after the Forum.
  • To describe mechanisms and systems of improving expedited and effective communication of information.
  • To identify how to utilize data analytics and systems to expediate identification of best candidates for organ acceptance.
  • To identify technologies and systems that could facilitate the overcoming of barriers and improve upon logistics to increase transplantation.  
Target Audience 
This forum is open to transplant center, hospital and OPO thought leaders and decision-makers who can affect change within their organization. This includes but is not limited to transplant administrators, hospital and OPO executives, medical and surgical directors, and transplant surgeons.