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International Membership

The ASTS welcomes surgeons, physicians, non-physician scientists, and surgical associates who are actively engaged in transplantation.

International Membership shall be limited to surgeons, physicians and non-physician scientists who are residents of countries other than the United States and Canada who are actively engaged in transplantation and have been invited to membership by recommendation of two regular members and approved by the Membership Committee and Council.

Eligibility Requirements: International Surgeons

  1. Certified by American Boards or foreign equivalent
  2. Completion of transplantation training in a program approved by ASTS.*
  3. Active involvement as a staff member of a clinical transplant team for a minimum of 6 months.

Eligibility Requirement:  International Physicians

  1. Minimum of one year of training in the practice of clinical transplantation after American Board Certification or foreign equivalent.
  2. Current involvement as a staff member of a clinical transplant team for at least six months.

Eligibility Requirements: International Non-physician Scientists

  1. Must hold a doctoral degree (PhD, PharmaD, DVM or foreign equivalent)
  2. Minimum of three years post-doctoral activity in transplantation*

International Membership Dues

$420 per year (includes monthly subscription, both online and print, to the American Journal of Transplantation)

*If recommended by the Membership Committee and approved by the Council, membership may be granted for equivalent experience.

Read the ASTS Bylaws concerning Membership

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