Transplant Accreditation & Certification Council Members

Chair: Marwan S. Abouljoud, MD, FACS
Co-Chair: Douglas G. Farmer, MD
Jonathan P. Fryer, MD
Wendy J. Grant, MD, FACS
Michael B. Ishitani, MD
Richard J. Knight, MD
Alan N. Langnas, DO
John C. Magee, MD
Lewis W. Teperman, MD
Matthew Cooper, MD
Dev Desai, MD
FTC Chair: Ryutaro Hirose, MD
FTC Co-Chair: Andre A.S. Dick, MD



The following committees were developed by the Transplant Accreditation & Certification Council to assist in developing the certification pathway and program accreditation. 

Knowledge Assessment Committee

Chair: Wendy Grant, MD (2020)
Co-Chair: Jonathan Fryer, MD (2020)
Lokesh Bathla, MD (2021)
Richard Knight, MD (2021)
Mike Ishitani, MD (2021)
Karim Halazun, MD (2021)
Sunil Geevarghese, MD, MSCI (2021)
Kelly Collins, MD (2021)
Erin Maynard, MD (2021)
Peter Yoo, MD, FACS (2021)
C. Kristian Enestvedt, MD (2020)
Marc Melcher, MD (2020)
Benjamin Samstein, MD (2020)
Jennifer Verbesey, MD (2020)
Sandy Feng, MD, PhD (2020)



Program Accreditation Committee

To be determined

Oral Exam Committee

Chair: John Magee, MD (2022)
Co-Chair: Lew Teperman, MD (2022)
Ian Carmody, MD (2021)
Jacqueline Garonzik Wang, MD (2021)
James Eason, MD (2021)
Gabriel Schnickel, MD (2021)
Randall Sung, MD (2022)
Pete Abrams, MD (2022)
Sandy Feng, MD, PhD (2022)
Joseph Magliocca, MD (2022)
Amy Evenson, MD (2023)
Amit Mathur, MD (2023)
Peter Abt, MD (2023)
Derrick Christopher, MD (2023)