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Standards and Quality Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the ASTS Standards and Quality Committee is to educate the membership about quality, standards, policies, and regulations, and to promote the development of high standards and quality in organ procurement, transplantation, patient safety, and performance improvement.

Committee Activities

Committee Members

Chair: David A. Axelrod, MD, MBA (2019)
Co-Chair: Jacqueline A. Lappin, MD (2018)
M. Susan Mandell (ASA Liaison), MD, PhD
Jeffrey B. Halldorson, MD (2018)
Justin R. Parekh, MD (2018)
Robert J. Stratta, MD (2018)
Mary T. Killackey, MD (2019)
Shimul A. Shah, MD, MHCM (2019)
Debra L. Sudan, MD (2019)
Pedro R. Sandoval, MD (2020)
Councilor Liaison: Alan I. Reed, MD, MBA
Staff Liaison: Jen Nelson-Dowdy