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In This Section:

Scientific Studies Committee

Mission Statement

The Scientific Studies Committee explores basic science and clinical issues in the field of transplantation.  The committee aims to facilitate the dissemination of information regarding opportunities for collaboration in clinical studies. 

Committee Members

Chair: Ty B. Dunn, MD, MS (2020)
Co-Chair: Cristiano Quintini, MD (2018)
Erik B. Finger, MD, PhD (2018)
Benjamin Philosophe, MD, PhD (2018)
Joseph R. Leventhal, MD, PhD (2019)
Shunji Nagai, MD, PhD (2019)
David D. Lee, MD (2020)
Burcin Taner, MD, FACS (2020)
Kenneth J. Woodside, MD (2020)
Councilor Liaison: Carlos O. Esquivel, MD, PhD

Staff Liaison: Maureen Ndoto