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In This Section:

Reimbursement and Regulatory Compliance Committee

Mission Statement

The Reimbursement and Regulatory Compliance Committee is charged with helping the ASTS membership optimize professional reimbursement by understanding the issues and being part of the solution. The committee reviews all new and pending regulations relevant to physician reimbursement. The committee helps draft comments that can be submitted to specific organizations or government agencies on behalf of ASTS. 

The committee disseminates information to the general membership through blast emails, updates in the Chimera, and on the ASTS website's Reimbursement page under "Advocacy." 

Committee Members

Chair: Kareem M. Abu-Elmagd, MD, PhD (2017)
Co-Chair: Anil S. Paramesh, MD, FACS (2017)
Henry B. Randall, MD, FACS (2017)
Manuel I. Rodriguez-Davalos, MD (2017)
Michael Angelis, MD (2018)
Kishore R. Iyer, MBBS (2018)
Gary S.G. Xiao, MD (2018)
Bonnie E. Lonze, MD, PhD (2019)
Tsuyoshi Todo, MD (2019)
Councilor Liaison: A. Osama Gaber, MD
ASTS Staff Liaison: Diane L. Mossholder, MA