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In This Section:

Living Donation Committee

Mission Statement

Outline best practices to improve the safety and long-term care of the living donor, as well as develop informational materials to better inform potential donors and recipients on living donation.

Committee Members

Chair – Talia B. Baker, MD (2017)
Co-Chair – Michael A. Zimmerman, MD (2017)
Adam W. Bingaman, MD, PhD (2017)
Koji Hashimoto, MD, PhD (2017)
Amit K. Mathur, MD, MS (2017)
Sophoclis P. Alexopoulos, MD (2018)
George E. Loss, Jr., MD, PhD (2018)
Martin I. Montenovo, MD (2018)
Giuliano Testa, MD, FACS
Associate Member Liaison: Ashley H. Seawright, DNP, ACNP-BC
Councilor Liaison: Dorry L. Segev, MD, PhD
Staff Liaison: Maggie Kebler-Bullock